Why Work With Us?

Here’s How We Think.

Are you prodigiously talented at what you do? If so, come work with us at Airy Labs. You’d be joining some of the smartest and most talented people on this planet pursuing the answers to some truly worthwhile problems.

We are currently a small and agile team, and we put a lot of thought into how to get the best engineers, designers, and artists to join our cause and change how the next generation learns.

We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs, gamers, parents, and educators, and we’re looking for like minded people who can get things done.

Here’s our promise: we’ll be the smartest and most savvy team you’ve ever worked with, and this will be the most fun and impactful job you’ve ever worked at.

Check out our job openings and apply today! If you don’t see something that’s an exact fit for you but feel that you are exceptional, apply anyway under the “All-Purpose Talent” position. We value attitude over aptitude.

10 Awesome Reasons to Work With Us

Opportunity to Change the World: We’re not a soulless gaming company creating social games that take advantage of the highly addictive reward schedules of the brain (wink wink). Our core mission is to reunite learning and play, and change how our next generation learns. We want to have an enormous impact on education and kids’ lives, and increase happiness everywhere along the way.

Great people: Here’s a shotgun list of some stuff about us – we have architects of highly successful million+ DAU Facebook games, PhDs in computer science, startup veterans, a missile defense software engineer, avid JRPG players, a Taekwondo black belt, and a 19-year-old Harvard PhD student, to name a few.

Small team: Our philosophy is to hire top-notch people and grow rapidly but cautiously. If you join us at our fast-paced current stage, you’ll be able to help “steer the ship,” so to speak, in a real way. That’s why we’re extremely selective about who to hire. We know you’re among the best at what you do, so when you speak, we’ll listen. You won’t feel powerless to influence the direction of the company and our products.

Hard and interesting problems to solve: We offer an environment where you’ll be intellectually stimulated, challenged, mentored, and have the opportunity to mentor others as well. We highly value speed as well, so you’ll be able to see your work come to fruition on the week timescale, not even the month or year timescale.

Great location: We are set up in Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, California – not too far from everything in San Francisco, from hiking, biking, swimming, sailing, skiing, and everything else the Bay Area is known for. We are surrounded by startups and there’s an incredible concentration of tech talent. Being immersed in the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley makes a huge difference.

Top-tier advisors: Besides our own advisors, we have access to advisors and mentors fromStartX and the Thiel Foundation.

We have tons of fun: Why so serious? We’re a game company and have tons of fun together being creative, thinking up our stories and lore, playing sports, games, and video games, and talking shop. Check out the videos.

Great potential in a unique position: We are tackling problems that matter. Our market size is huge – think about games for kids (which are the majority of all games sold) and the education/training market.